Experimental Rooms

Department of Architecture

University of Alcalá

Prof. Dr. Ernesto Echeverría Valiente

In: [Architecture IN-PLAY, ISCTE-IUL, 11.07.2016-12.07.2016, Lisbon, Portugal], 2016

Experimental Room is a real architectural and parametric space, where the user can interact to transform the environment. The purpose of this project is to prove that, thanks to the architectural space parametrization, we can assign real and virtual variations to modify this entity.

Parametric structures not only allow us to configure spaces creating structures with mathematical developments, we can also build prototypes quickly using machining systems. It is also interesting including external factors as other design parameters, such as light, movement and sound, capable of being measured with digital tools and being participants in the design in real time. 

The "Virtual Skin" of the pavilion can be programmed using real parameters as inputs of the digital definition. It is interactive. The movement of people or the sound frequency are examples that we can show in the Led Matrix that surrounds the space after analyzing with sensors.

The tools and open source software used for the design and production of the pavilion included Grasshopper, Firefly, Arduino, Repetier-Host and 3D printers.


# Experimental Architecture / 3d printing / Parametric Design / Virtual Reality / Interactive / Light / Grasshopper / Arduino / Firefly / Kinect


*Publication: International Conferences: Architecture INPLAY2016.

Design process


Magic Spheres 2.0

Central Park, NYC

Magic Spheres 1.0

UBOOT Bunker, Bremen



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