Rocking Origami

Chair of Structures and Structural Design

RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Trautz

Scientific Staff: Thorsten Pofahl, Henri Buffart, Giovanni della Puppa.


In: [Future Visions, IASS2015, 17.08.2015-20.08.2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands], 2015

Abstract: The underlying concept of our pavilion is an origami-based structure, whose motion derives from a popular children's toy widespread along central European coastline tourist shops: The flying bird mobile - A wooden bird consisting of a two suspended wings and a hinge-connected body piece. Once the cord attached to the body is pulled, the bird starts flapping its wings gently.

Our object converts the beauty of such a swinging movement in a technologically attractive, retractable, lightweight and self-supporting sculpture. The exhibit allows Expo visitors to interact with the mechanisms and initiate the rocking motion of the pavilion themselves.

The Pavillion was designed using parametric tools and  fabricated by deforming polycarbonate panels and several moulds.


#: folding mechanism, technical origami, vacuum-forming, thick plate origami


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